PayKlips - Its K Upload. Promote. Profit! Paid for watching and Your Video views!  

How does PayKlips work? uses REAL TIME statistics to calculate payout. Here is a summary.
1000 views per unique visitor per week upto $1.00 or more. New statistics are based on Zones or Countries.
e.g. If the total of all your uploaded videos is viewed 1000 times = $1.00 . You earn each time your video is viewed by a new person and on a weekly basis but you are paid once for it. As long you get new views you can keep earning and withdrawing. If the same visitor where to view your video a week later you still earn for it.

Any decent video can be viewed 100,000 times in a month, so get out there and promote your video. 100,000 views = $100++. So it's better to upload and share than to just watch. View count of unregistered users is also counted.

What is the minimum payout?
Minimum payout is 10$ and issued by 15th of following month. All payment is via Paypal transfer. We are working on maing payments faster. We do not have enough traffic or users yet to be able to do faster payments.

There is no partial payment. You can choose to withhold payment for as much as you want.
Payments are made to your Paypal Account directly on the 15th of every month, about 30 days, after your withdrawal request.
You may incur transaction fees for receiving earnings to your paypal account.
You can check your stats in the My Account section for videos you uploaded and the videos you watched. 14th May 2013 is when we updated our Stats and earning system. The Earnings page and your "My Account" page will show total cumulative earnings correctly. There is more to come. We will be adding pages for your to track the earnings by month, by Zone and by videos etc. We have all the data accurately stored which tell you your total earnings. We will keep improving with your feedback.

Example of "When do I get paid":
If you were eligible to withdraw and requested withdrawal of cash BEFORE 15th April. Payout is May 15th (30 days)
If you were eligible to withdraw and requested withdrawal of cash AFTER 15th April. Payout is June 15th (30 days)
and so on and so forth.

* the calculations are based on page views and only unique hits to a page are counted as view, multiple page views will be averaged out by our internal stats calculator.

Terms of Use: By using you (the member) agree to abide by our Sitewide TOS in addition to the following
Copyright infringement when reported disqualifies your account and any outstanding payments.
Content flagged and reported by users to be objectionable or deemed illegal may result in deletion of video and might even lead to account termination. All outstanding balances will be nullified. Flagged content does undergo manual moderation so as to ascertain the legitimacy of the claim. If the staff of PayKlips find any videos do not qualify our guidelines the video is deleted and you will loose those view counts.
Use of automated programs or using any unnatural means for increasing page views without generating unique and real visitor traffic will lead to termination of your account and all outstanding earnings. You may even be subject to legal action by reserves the right to change its policy at any time and any dispute is settled at the sole discretion of is not liable in any way for your use of the website or the content published here.
If your videos are deleted by yourself or by us due to Content Violations/TOS Violation the earnings are lost and the earnings reduced by the amount associated with the video. This may lead to negative earnings however you are not required to pay back any amounts paid out to you. You will simply have to earn back the difference in order to balance your account.
You also agree to not hold and it's staff responsible for the content hosted here and any issues with content must be directly communicated to the uploader.

End of year bonuses are also given out to everyone based on current statistics as of the financial year!